Hi, fellow guests and supporters of this seasons 2018’s new burger baby in Stockholm! We at 8ft Burger couldn’t be more grateful for the love and support that showered our pink containers this far, thank you!  


The season has now changed, and we are confidently preparing to grow! As the containers will increase in numbers for spring 19’, we must be sure to grow our staff into a unified pink army, ready to serve burger lovers all around Stockholm. We will be accepting applications immediately to get our staff ready for service, as we are reopening in April. 

What are we looking for?

Anyone with the intent of building Sweden’s most interesting burger chain from our pink container perspective. No matter if you have culinary dreams or just want to make an extra buck next to your studies, your effort will make a difference to the pink army. 



By the spring 2019 we´ll be opening 10+ units in the Stockholm region. We are thus looking for both part-time and full-time employees, starting April 2019.  The first round of successful applicants will be invited to an 8ft Burger training experience where you will have the chance to both improve your skills and learn new ones and of course meet your future colleagues! 

Staff working

Shifts: 4-6 h/shift or 6-9 h/shift

Full time (35-45 h/week), part time entails a couple of shifts a month (15-40 h/month)
We are currently seeking Weekday Warriors for daytime shifts starting in April.


Send us your CV and any relevant info you wish to share

We are an English / Swedish speaking company and we while we value proficiency in both language, fluency in Swedish is not a requirement. If you hold a driver´s license, have skills in social media marketing, or any other talents you may have, please let us know! And please include relevant contact info your application. 


Send your application to info@8ftburger.com. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact:

Johan Palo - 0736769949